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We Buy and Build Companies Ourselves

Buying a company is hard. We help simplify the process. is a fully integrated private equity deal stack combining software, templates and training to accelerate your journey and minimize potential pitfalls. 

Do More Deals.

" was founded by Microsoft and The Riverside Company Alumni."

- An iGOTHAM Company

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Learn to Do Deals

Finding the right deal is hard

It is. That is why, the more deals you see, the better you become. Use tech to your advantage.

What should I say to owners?

Use our email, letter and phone scripts to know exactly what to say and how to build relationships with sellers.

I don't have enough money

A good deal will attract capital. Apply to our network to co-invest on your deals

Due diligence is complicated

We have pre-set template and questions you should ask owners of businesses.

Can I run a business?

That depends on you. However, you miss 100% of the shots you never take.

How much should I pay?

Use our financial models, cash flow generators and valuation frameworks to help guide the valuation process. 

Custom built for corporate development, private equity, independent sponsors and acquisition entrepreneurs

Tech + Process = More Deals

Learn how we identify, connect and structure deals with owners of companies. 

Automated outreach via Social and Email

Proprietary data enrichment with 700M prospects

Learn how to structure a win-win deal with owners and raise equity to close the transaction


Integrated Deal Making Stack:
Surround your acquisition target

Advanced guide to finding a deal, negotiating and raising capital. We leverged the experience of buying and selling companies worth hundreds of millions.

Private Equity and Independent Sponsor economic model breakdown. DCF, LBO, IRR and more.


We leverage AI, automation and technology to engage potential acquisition targets and include frameworks for momentum analysis and velocity calculations.

Pre-built mobile friendly landing pages with custom domain to capture companies that are 'researching you'. 100% customizable. 

We give you tools to monitor and track how a potential acquisition is moving. From initial outreach to pipeline management, we track the different stages of a deal.

Leverage the exact copy we use through thousands of A/B tested outreach messages. Acquisition specific pre-built templates and automated sequences.

Lead scoring, goal setting, advanced analytics and automations to understand who is coming to your website and the journey they took.

Have your own custom portal and mobile app to access all the resources in one place.

Deal Hub

Portal for propreitary training, resource library and access to all software tools

Access to all software tools
Mobile and Desktop Access
Proprietary Valuation Tools
100+ Templates

Every firm needs an Edge

Fully Integrated Deal Stack for Corporate Development, Private Equity, Independent Sponosrs and Acquisition Entrepreneurs

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