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Step by step guide for advanced deal makers

Access to all tools in your data stack hub

Acquisition Tips at Every Major Checkpoint:

Finding the Deal

Brokered vs Proprietary Deals?

How to connect with a seller?

Letter of Intent (LOI)

What is binding vs non binding terms?

Reuseable Template for strong LOI's

Fund Raising / Valuation

Project Returns Financial Model

Advanced DCF Models

Tips on raising capital


Driving a deal to a close

QOE, Legal and Closing Checklists

Consise and Tactical. No fluff. Always bias action.

Download our broker database

One list

To be successful you need a mix of proprietary and brokered deal flow. Download our list and add them to  your outreach sequences.

Highest converting outreach sequences


Download the exact email we use for our own outreach. We have A/B tested this across thousands of outreach attempts to find the one that converts the best.

Propreitary Frameworks for Valuation

is this a good investment?

What is the momentum of a company? What is the rate of change over time? How high is 'up' with this opportunity?

Automate Cash Flow Forecasting for Target Companies

based on facebook's prophet algorithm

Once you are past the LOI stage, integrate the target company's Quickbooks or Xero accounting platform and we will generate an AI based automated cash flow forecast based that includes seasonality.

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