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Deal Flow Strategies for Acquisition Entrepreneurs

What Are Acquisition Entrepreneurs? 

Learn about what acquisition entrepreneurs are and what they do. 

Date: 6/7/2023

Author: Conor Kelly 

The Power of Effective Communication: Key to Successful Business Acquisition

Learn about the power of effective communcation when acquiring a business. 

Date: 5/16/2023

Author: Conor Kelly 

What is a Search Fund? 

Learn about the basics of a Search Fund and how they work! 

Date: 5/15/2023

Author: Conor Kelly 

LP vs GP


Date: 5/14/2023

Author: Astrid Qing

Secondary Private Equity Market

secondary PE

Date: 5/4/2023

Author: Astrid Qing

The Differences Between Private Equity and Venture Capital 

Learn about the differences between PE and VC!

Date: 5/4/2023

Author: Conor Kelly 

What is a DCF Model?


Date: 4/27/2023

Author: Astrid Qing


What is a Leveraged Buyout?


Date: 4/26/2023

Author: Conor Kelly


How Private Equity Firms are Leveraging Technology

Tech in Private Equity

Date: 2/8/2023

Author: Jake Klarman


Short Video Tips:

How companies manipulate financials

Youtube shorts

Accruals are needed for any revenue earned or expense incurred, for which cash has not yet been exchanged.

In private companies where controls are scarce, beware of games owners can play! 


Dangers of relying only on EBITDA 

Youtube shorts

The EBITDA multiple approach is the most common used method in lower middle market transactions. Be careful, depreciation and amortization are real costs to the business!

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